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  What you will receive

  • Choice of a Personal SOS Alarm or Care Watch*
  • Fall Detection
  • ​Smartphone APP (IOS/Android)
  • GPS Tracking (Optional On/Off)
  • ​Family Monitoring Features (Computer/Tablet)
  • ​24/7, UK Monitoring Response Centre
  • ​​Lifetime Warranty
  • Smartphone APP: Track, Check & Monitor The User
  • ​UK Roaming: Works Anywhere In The UK
  • 2-Way-Voice: Call The Device Directly
  • ​GEO Fence: Set Security Parameters For Loved Ones
  • ​GPS: Request Their Exact Location When Outside
  • ​Notifications: Receive Battery Level Warnings & More

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Initial Payment: £89.99

  • FREE Fast UK Shipping
  • First Month Service Included
  • ​No Landline or Internet Required
  • 24/7 Support via Email

Service starts from just £19.99 per month

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time, 100% risk free.

Customer Satisfaction

*Every year our suppliers are evaluated by the TSA (Telecare Services Association) and obtain the maximum classification - Platinum.*

  • Smartphone APP: Track, Check & Monitor 
  • 2-Way-Voice: Call The Device Directly
  • ​GEO Fence: Set Security Parameters For Loved Ones
  • ​GPS: Request Their Exact Location When Outside
  • ​Notifications: Receive Battery Level Warnings & More
"Just what we wanted. No BT landline required. Delivered on time. Set up quick and easy. :) happy customer."

Jo - United Kingdom

 Full Peace of Mind

  • UK Based 24/7 Monitoring Centre
  • Unlimited Emergency Contacts & SOS Calls
  • ​No Landline or Installation Required
  • ​Arrives Ready To Use
Independence & Security

Independence, security and confidence. Knowing that your parents or vulnerable loved ones can continue to live independently and safely indoors and outside using our Personal SOS Alarm service.

 24 Hour Support

Our emergency monitoring centre has experienced and certified professionals who handle all SOS & Falls speaking with the user directly through their Personal SOS Alarm.

Mobile Application

With access to a Smartphone APP, you can keep an eye on your loved ones and see their last known location. If they have a fall or go wondering, you are notified by Push & Email notifications.

Certified & Accredited

Every year our supplier is evaluated by the TSA (Telecare Services Association) and obtains the maximum classification – Platinum Certification.

  • Emergency Services: All our operators handle an SOS emergency and Fall Alerts using a triage system. Should the user require immediate assistance, we will contact the emergency services and then the next of kin. 
  • European Cover: We also cover up to 28 European Countries meaning, should your loved ones travel to Europe, they can take their Personal SOS Alarm with them and receive the same level of care. 
  • Money Back: Should you want to cancel your service, simply contact us by email or phone and will deactivate your Personal SOS Alarm service within the 30 day guarantee!

All Personal SOS Alarms arrive ready to use. There is no installation required. If you're considering ordering an alarm today for your elderly loved ones, then please note, contactless delivery is available!

  • Secure: More than 20,000 people trust the service in the UK & throughout Europe. 
  • Benefits: 24/7 Monitoring Centre, Fall Detection and a Smartphone APP.
  • Hassle-Free: Personal SOS Alarm arrives ready to use. No installation required.


If you're not entirely happy with the service, then we will offer a Full Refund.

Not sure which plan you require? You can upgrade and downgrade at ANY time

Charged monthly. Initial payment of £89.99
  • Care Watch / Personal Alarm
  • FALL Detection Features
  • GPS Tracking (APP/Desktop)
  • Family Monitoring (Desktop/Smartphone)
  • Desktop Family Monitoring Suite*
  • Fall/SOS Notifications Family*
  • FREE UK Shipping
24 months* Initial payment of £89.99
  • Care Watch / Personal Alarm
  • Fall Detection Features
  • GPS Tracking (APP Desktop)
  • 24/7 Monitoring Respose Centre*
  • Family Monitorig (Desktop/Smartphone)
  • Desktop Family Monitoring Suite*
  • SOS & Fall Alerts To Family
  • FREE UK Shipping
PCM* Billed every 6 months*
  • Care Watch / Personal Alarm
  • FALL Detection Features
  • GPS Tracking (APP/Desktop)
  • 24/7 Monitoring Response Centre*
  • Family Monitoring (Desktop/Smartphone)
  • Desktop Family Monitoring Suite
  • Fall/SOS Notifications Family*
  • FREE UK Shipping
  • Lifetime Warranty*

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time, 100% risk free.

Order your Personal SOS Alarm over the phone:

What is the 'SOS Alerts to Family' 
All SOS Emergencies triggered by the Personal SOS Alarm will contact the nominated contacts. The device will simultaneously call through the nominated contacts saved on the user's profile until someone answers. This, of course, can be changed at any time!
How many Emergency Contacts can we have? 
You can store up to 5 Emergency Contacts.
Can I wear the Personal SOS Alarm in the shower? 
Yes you can however, please do not fully submerge the device. It is grade IP67, meaning the device can be worn outside when it's raining too. 
How many users can use the APP? 
Up to 4 people can use the APP simultaneously. Log in on your Smartphone APP, Desktop or your Tablet. However, only one user can receive Push notifications at present. Up to 5 Email users can receive SOS & Fall Notifications. Please ensure 'Push', and 'Email' notifications are ON when using the APP.
I don't have any Contacts? 
That's fine! We will connect all your SOS Emergencies through to our 24/7 Monitoring Response Centre. They will arrange help for you if required! 
What is 'Desktop Family Centre'?
Family, friends and carers can access the Personal SOS Alarm users portal and adjust settings such as 'Low Battery Settings' and 'SOS Notifications'. They can access their 'GEO-Fence' parameter settings, especially those who wander from the house. We also include 'Last Events', 'Users Location', 'Set Up Notifications' for the following: SOS / Fall / Reminders / Battery Levels / Deep Sleep Mode and more. The Desktop Family Centre is set up to allow complete control and customisation over your loved ones Personal SOS Alarm. 

Can I test the Personal SOS Alarm? 
Yes, please do! Test the alarm as many times required until satisfied! 

How long does the battery last?
3/4 days! However, you can change battery settings on the 'Family Centre' with the option of 3 different settings. 

What do the Flashing Lights on the device mean?
They indicate a connection to the monitoring centre! These can be switched off in 'Deep Sleep Mode' via the user settings accessed via the 'Desktop Family Centre.'

Sounds too complicated for me!
Do not worry! We programme your Personal SOS Alarm specifically for you, so you can pretty much use it right away! The end-user DOES NOT have to download any APP or software. The APP and additional monitoring are designed for other family members! So if you like, we can set you up with the 24/7 Monitoring Centre WITHOUT the need and requirements of the APP. Just let us know when you place an order.

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